Tuesday, 17 January 2017

According to His skill

So he shepherded them according to the integrity of his heart,
And guided them by the skillfulness of his hands. – Psalm 78.72

My goal this time through the book of Psalms was highlight only one passage in each psalm. I made it for 77 days, but I couldn’t do it today. This verse just needed mentioned.

This passage is one I think we all need in our troubles. He tells us how we are led, and how God guides our lives. He shepherds us according to the integrity of His heart, and He guides by the skilfulness of His hands.

God does His work by His integrity and by His skill.

And the thing is who has more integrity and more skill that God does. God’s integrity is proven because He is holy. He can do no wrong. It cannot be partial. His integrity is perfect.

But here I loved the phrase ‘according to the skill of His hands.’

My hands are not very skilled at anything. I can’t paint. I can’t play an instrument. The only things my hands have ever been skilled at was sheet metal fabrication. But I appreciate skilled hands. The things artists and performers can do amaze me.

Then I think about how all all of those hands pale in comparison to the skill of the Master Potter, and it is those skilled hands that we depend on every single day. God’s skill is the skill that created the world and parted the Red Sea and it is the skill that has cared for me every day of my life. It is that skill that alone can carry me through the rest of my life and protect me and provide for me and preserve me.

So I want to place myself in His hands and rest in His skill instead of mine.

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