Thursday, 16 March 2017

I am weak, but...

I am small and despised,
Yet I do not forget Your precepts.
Your righteousness is an everlasting righteousness,
And Your law is truth. – Psalm 119.141-142

We think of David as the great brave king of Israel who even as a child had the faith to kill a giant.

But David saw himself differently. He saw the truth that he was small and insignificant and despised by the world.

I think we can identify with that feeling living in the world we live in.

It is the next line that ought to encourage us: Yet I will not forget Your precepts.

We may not be able to do much. We may not be able to preach or teach or sing or play in instrument or write a book.  We may never be rich or famous. We may never be known.

But all of us can be true to the word of God. All of us can remember His word and apply it to our lives.

Thank God then we feel weak and unable we can still remember God’s word.

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