Tuesday, 18 April 2017


Therefore my spirit is overwhelmed within me; My heart within me is distressed. I remember the days of old; I meditate on all Your works; I muse on the work of Your hands. I spread out my hands to You; My soul longs for You like a thirsty land. Selah - Psalm 143:4-6

Have you ever felt totally overwhelmed by how your life was going? Have the problems been so bad that you could not get your head above water? It’s those horrible days when you can’t catch your breath because of pressures and bad news and problems and trials that don’t have an answer.

I, of course, think about poor old Peter who jumped out of the boat and walked on water to get to Jesus until he saw the storm. When we saw the storm he sank into the water and was literally overwhelmed.

But Peter cried out ‘Lord save me.’

He turned to the Lord and the psalmist did the same thing. ‘When I was distressed I remembered what You have done before. I mused over Your works. I longed for You.’

There is only when solution when the overwhelming times comes – don’t be full of cares and anxieties. Instead in every situation with prayer and thanksgiving tell God what you need. Then His peace, His incomprehensible peace, will be with you. 

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Diane Tavegia said...

I trust You Lord!