Thursday, 17 September 2020

Always making mention


I thank my God, making mention of you always in my prayers, - Philemon 1:4


I have been deeply challenged by Paul’s prayer life. In nearly every letter he writes, be it to a church or a person he says that he mentions them in his prayers. I can’t even imagine the size of his prayer list. What kind of prayer life he must have had.


He sets a pattern for us. Our prayers should be more than just ‘Lord, bless our church folks and bless our missionaries and take care of the sick. Paul says that when he prayed he mentioned Philemon by name. He says the same thing in other letters to churches individuals.


I wonder how personal our prayers are.


Do you mention people by name in our prayers? Do we mention their specific needs?


This in one of the reasons that keeping a prayer list is important. I can’t remember all of the needs of my family and church alone, much less others who have specific needs.  


I think a lot of us are sorely lacking in this ministry of prayer. May we commit that we God’s help we will be more faithful at always making mention of others in our prayers.

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