Thursday, 5 July 2018

How can you call Me Lord

"But why do you call Me 'Lord, Lord,' and not do the things which I say? – Luke 6.46

There seem to be A LOT of people who call themselves Christian. A lot of people profess Jesus as Lord with their lips. People all over the world go to church every week and sing to the Lord and give praise and say ‘amen’ and act like they are true followers of Christ.

But are they? Are we? The Pharisees recognised Jesus as Teacher and some even called Him lord, but in their actions they did not do what He said. Jesus asked how can you call me Lord, when you don’t even do what I say?’

That’s a question we might very well ask ourselves. How can we call Him Lord and be full of doubts and fears? How can we call Him Lord and ignore the poor and needy? How can we call Him Lord and hate our enemies and political opponents? How can we call Him Lord and ‘curse those who curse us?’ How can we call Him Lord with vengeful, angry, inhospitable spirits?

We can do it because we still live in these bodies of flesh. We can do it because we are sinners who struggle with the flesh. We can do it when we get our eyes off of Him.

If we are going to call Jesus Lord, we ought to act like He is Lord. Entertainment is not our lord. Sport is not our lord. Politics and nationalism and patriotism are not our lords. Money is not our lord.

Jesus is. Let’s act like it.

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