Thursday, 26 July 2018

God will not forget us

Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before God? But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.  – Luke 12.6-7

Let’s be honest. Has there ever been a time when you have felt like maybe, just maybe, God has kind of forgotten about you and where you are and what you are going through? Do ever feel like maybe He is missing something?

Maybe not, but I don’t think I have ever really though that God has forgotten me, but I sure have wondered about if He really sees the straits I am in.

Now that is absurd. The Lord has really given me a good life. I have a roof over my head (it’s not my roof, but it is a roof). I have decent clothes to wear. I have heat. I have a decent car. I have a wonderful bed. I have a chruch and family and friends in abundance. I have plenty to eat.

But there are couple of niggling things that really make me anxious. Sometimes I can get caught off guard and wonder it God really knows what is going on. My eyes can’t make sense of it.

I love my kids. I can’t imagine every forgetting them. One of the saddest things about illnesses like dementia has to be the idea of forgetting your children. But God doesn’t get dementia. He will never forget us. No matter what we are going through and how it seems God has not forgotten.

We are his children. We are not forgotten. We can trust Him.

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