Thursday, 1 December 2016

The word of the Lord is right

For the word of the LORD is right, And all His work is done in truth. – Psalm 33.4

What is right and what is wrong? Is there right and is there wrong? How do we know?

That is quite a question today. We live in age when there does not seem to be any sense of right or wrong. Rightness and wrongness seem like out of date terms. You have your sense of right and I have my sense of right and that is all well and good.

As least that is what ‘they’ say.

But God says differently. God says that there is right and that there is a wrong and that the source of right is the word of God.

I think there are two things to glean from that. First we can trust that the word of God can always be trusted because it is always right in every area it deals with. Since God spoke it, it cannot be wrong.

But it is more than that. Not only is God’s word right, as in correct, but it is the source of all right. The Bible declares what is right and what is true. Therefore it ought to be our test to decide what is right in our lives and what is right for our lives.

When we are in doubt we have a place to look for right. God’s word will never let us down. 

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