Friday, 10 August 2018


And when Jesus saw that he was very sorrowful, he said, How hardly shall they that have riches enter into the kingdom of God! For it is easier for a camel to go through a needle's eye, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. And they that heard it said, Who then can be saved? And he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God. – Luke 18.24-27

We read a few times in the Bible where Jesus is sad. He was sad at Lazarus’ death because of Martha’s lack of faith. He was sad when He saw the multitudes who were like sheep having no shepherd. Here Jesus is sad because this rich man came to ask Him about eternal life. He told the rich man that all he had to do was give up on his riches and trust God to see the kingdom of heaven. Jesus was sad because the man was very rich and it is hard for a rich man to enter heaven.

The people asked ‘who can be saved?’

Jesus’ reply was perfect. The things that seem impossible with man are possible with God.

We apply that phrase in a general sense a lot, and that is fine. God can do the things that seem impossible to us.

But in this specific context we see that God can save anyone. Anyone – even the impossible cases. No one is beyond the reach of the saving arms of Jesus. That tyrant in the news, that false teacher, that jerk neighbour or impossible coworker – all are possible for God, even if we can’t see it.

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