Thursday, 27 October 2016

I repent

Therefore I abhor myself,
 And repent in dust and ashes.” – Job 42.6

Job had finally reached the point where he was ready to say those words that really matter after having an encounter with God where God deals with his sin. Job had no more excuses, no more points to make, no more statements, and no more questions.

‘I repent’ Job said.

That’s it – I repent.

How much simpler our lives would be if we could just learn to apply those words when God deals with our sin. After all, when confronted with our sin we really can’t win, can we? God is right and we are wrong and the sooner we deal with that the better off we will be.

When it comes to sin all that works is repentance. There is no reasoning with God and no ‘I’ll do it later.’

So if Christians are dealing with unconfessed sin today let’s do a Job. Let’s repent, confess, and forsake our sin and move on.

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