Tuesday, 24 April 2018


Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel. – Matthew 23.24

I enjoy studying and teaching theology, but I certainly could not be considered a theologian. We all we need to know and grasp and have a firm grip on Biblical theology. We must understand and be apply to apply theological truths. The reason is so that we can better live the lives that we need to grasp in order to serve Him.

These Pharisees knew their theology probably better than anyone ever has. They knew all of the finer points of the Law. They knew all the dos and don’ts. The problem is that they fought and argued over the little things that were important, but they let those things get in the way of the more serious aspects of the Law.

Like, for example, ‘love the Lord your God will all you heart and might and strength and love your neighbour as yourselves.’ The stained at the gnats of the Law and just let the big things go.

I think we can all do that today. We can get so caught up in the relatively insignificant things while we ignore the truths that are important. We argue over forms and styles and places where there should be liberty and ignore the things that are clear. Love God. Love others. Care for the poor. Walk by faith. Serve others.

We too could use the admonition to stop straining at the gnats and focus on the important things.

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