Thursday, 4 January 2018

The Lord is in His holy temple

But the LORD is in his holy temple: let all the earth keep silence before him.  – Habakkuk 2.20

We get to see now how Habakkuk could say the things he did. He had a deep, pure, total abiding faith that God had it all covered, even if he couldn’t understand it.

The Lord is in His holy temple – be quiet and let Him work.

God is in control.

Some might call that a cop out. In fact many have. No matter what the bad news we are to trust that God has it covered. No matter what we see it’s okay because God in in His holy temple.  That sounds like an easy way to feel good about the bad and ignore reality.

I see it differently. If I believe in a God who is All-knowing, All-good, All-wise, All-powerful, All-love, All-good, eternal, and everywhere at once who transcends time and space for whom nothing is impossible it only makes sense that I would believe that He can sort this out. Either I believe Him or I don’t. There is no half-way.

The world is a broken place, terribly broken. Sin has broken that perfect relationship with God. Man suffers the consequences of his sin and the world groans under its weight.

But God is still there. He can handle all that is going on a lot better than I can. I will choose to trust Him. 

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