Saturday, 12 November 2016

The fool has said

The fool has said in his heart,
 “There is no God.”
 They are corrupt,
 They have done abominable works,
 There is none who does good. - Psalm 14.1

Psalm 14 starts out with the rather well-known words ‘the fool has said in his heart that there is no God.’

Those words make me sad. They make me sad because the majority of the world has decided that there is no God to be reckoned with. If there is no God there is no universal right or wrong and anything can be acceptable depending on the situation. With ‘no God’ as their motto there is only corruption, only abominable works, and no one to do good.’

So it’s not surprising that the fool says no in his heart to God.

What is really sad though is that sometimes God’s people act foolishly when we act like there is no God.

‘How do we do that?’ you might ask.

We act like fools when God is our Father and makes all His promises to us and tells is to trust Him and then we get all out of sorts and doubt that He is there or that He is able.

God says – ‘Lo, I am with you always’ and we say ‘why do I have to go through this alone?

God say that He will provide all of our needs, but we worry and fret about the future and say ‘no God – this is too hard for You. I need to sort this out.’

When we act that way we are no better than the foolish people who boldly say ‘no God.’ In fact we deny the power of our own God to do what He says. If that’s not saying ‘no God’ I don’t know what it is.  

So let’s act like we believe in who God says He is. That’s just foolish.

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