Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Our preserver

Oh, love the LORD, all you His saints! For the LORD preserves the faithful, And fully repays the proud person. Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart, All you who hope in the LORD.  – Psalm 31.23-24

Thank God for His mighty power of preservation, especially in the light of what is going on all around. We would have no power to preserve ourselves in this mess.

I think about me and how easily I can slip into the ways of the world. The evil corrupting influences of this world are seeking to get in. When we want to preserve food for a while we make sure that it is in a sealed and airtight container. If there is any way for bacteria to get in it will affect the food and eventually spoil it. Food producers add preservatives to keep food from rotting.

As Christians we are susceptible to rot setting in. We won’t be destroyed by it, but us sure can make us stink. If we don’t keep on guard and let God preserve us from this present evil generation we are going to find ourselves in trouble.

But we can rejoice that God will preserve us for the rot and the stench of the world. Because He preserves us we can be the ‘sweet smelling aroma’ that Paul writes about to Corinth.

We don’t have to be stinking Christians if we will trust God to preserve us from the rot around us. Then we can make a difference in that world. 

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