Monday, 15 August 2011

Say no

My son, if sinners entice you, Do not consent. – Proverbs 1v10

Don’t give in. It sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? If we are tempted to sin by peer pressure all we have to do it say no and not give in.

If it is so simple, why is it so stinking hard? You would think by the time a guy was 56 years old and saved for 37 years and preaching and teaching and all that he would not need advice like ‘If sinners entice you don’t give in.’ You would think – but you would think wrong.

I have learned to do pretty well and not succumb to peer pressure when I am around people. That is not the problem. It is not when my ‘sinner’ friend and associates entice to me sin that I have a problem giving in.
That doesn’t mean that sinners and sin don’t still entice me. It is sinners in general and a sinful world around me that entice me to sin. Sinners don’t have to be friends and associates. Sinners can use television or books or the internet to entice me to sin.

The principle doesn’t change though – don’t consent, don’t give in.

I don’t have to give in. In Christ I have power over sin, it is no longer my boss, it has no dominion over me.
What a powerful challenge – ‘when sinners entice you, just don’t give in, say no, say no.’ That’s a kids song. So why do I have such a hard time getting it right? 


momma said...

Wondered if you could post the words to the kids song, so I could teach them to my Jr Church kids. I remember the tune but not all of the words.

Roger Parrow said...

I will look for it - I can't find it by googling it, but will ask around for lyrics and music

Roger Parrow said...

If you could email me at roger at ireland dot com I will let you know if I find the lyrics and music

Roger Parrow said...

The song was written published by the Bill Rice Ranch in Murfreesboro, TN, USA.

The words are:

If sinners entice you don't give in say no, say no.
If sinners entice you don't give in say no, no, no.
Say no to your friends who want you to sin.
Say no to the devil who wants to win.
If sinners entice you don't give in say No! No! No!