Monday, 8 August 2011


The eyes of all look expectantly to You, And You give them their food in due season. - Psalm 145v1

People have been expectantly looking to the Lord for a long, long time. We have been living everyday looking for Jesus to come back and we continue that expected hope day after longing to go home with Him. I love 
that kind of expectancy as we wait for His coming.

In the meantime I think we miss the point of another kind of expectant living. The psalmist writes of the eyes of the people looking expectantly to the Lord, and that when they do so He will provide their food in due 

Beth brought Kian over for a week last month. We popped over for a couple of days last week to see them. Several times Kian and I were up early and I had the pleasure of getting his breakfast ready and feeding him. While I prepared the cereal and mashed his banana he was, let us say, anxious to be fed. I put him in his chair and sat down. Even before I was done his mouth was wide open. I can’t feed him fast enough. He has a bite, swallows, opens his mouth, and looks at me with full expectation that I am going to give him more. He is 
ready and waiting for me to feed him.

When I read this verse this morning I thought about Kian. I also thought about me and how much I really expect the Lord to take care of me. Kian trusts me implicitly. He expects me to meet his need and his trusts me to do it. He doesn’t doubt that he is going to be fed.

Wouldn’t it be great if we looked to the Lord with that kind of expectancy? Instead of fearing and doubting and worrying and wondering should we not just trust Him, sit there with our mouths open, and wait to be fed? 

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