Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Your keeper

The LORD is your keeper; The LORD is your shade at your right hand. – Psalm 121v5

At the moment we have Beth and Kian with us for a few days. The last couple of mornings Kian and I have been the only ones up early. At the moment he is on the floor playing with some toys while I type these words. As we say here I am 'minding' Kian for a bit.

I used to occasionally hear an expression dealing with taking care of the children. I am not sure whether is not used much any more, or if it just an American thing. Sometimes, if parents were going to busy and needed someone to watch their children someone might say 'Do you want me to keep the kids for you?'

Of course, that did not mean that they were going to take possession of the children forever. 'Keep' there was used in the sense of watching over and taking care of.' It is the same phrase we would use here when we say 'Can I mind the kids for a bit?'

We use the word in that sense quite often. We keep house, we keep a pet, a shepherd keeps the sheep.
Just Kian started getting fussy. It was obvious he needed or wanted something. I put the laptop down and took him the kitchen. He got excited when I started messing with his little bottle/cup thingy so, once I half way figured it out he had some apple juice.

Though far from perfect this illustrates our God keeps us. We have a need, but He knows about it before we even ask. He knows exactly what we need. He doesn't have to figure it out. He doesn't have to figure out the sippy cup. I might have given Kian the wrong thing, but God never does. Because He is the perfect Keeper he is always aware of us and tends to us perfectly.

Praise God that we have the perfect Minder!  

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