Friday, 29 July 2011

Held in His hand

Even there Your hand shall lead me, And Your right hand shall hold me. - Psalm139v10

Psalm, 139 is full of wonderful imagery which is used to teach a Biblical truth. I love the fact that God gave us His word in such a variety of styles including imagery and poetry. Often these can speak to our feelings and emotions.

Now that we have young children around again this particular verse brings some powerful images to mind. We are blessed to have four of the five children close by. We often get to mind them and spend time with them. All of them love to walk. Though Morgann is getting older and more independent, the rest still very much want one of us close by. Maddie will often just take take one of our hands as we walk along. In unusual places AJ and Hudson will also reach up to take a hand. Sometimes, like when crossing the road or walking down the canal or a busy road we will take them by the hand because we know they need extra protection.

I don't know if God has emotions just like ours, but I love holding the kids by the hand. It is always kind of sad when they get too old for it. It is a precious time to walk hand in hand with them. I wonder if God likes leading us by the hand as much as we like leading the kids.

Sometimes though just taking the kids by the hand is not enough. If there is an obvious danger or if there has been a fall the kids want more than just a hand. They want us to pick them up and carry them. Sometimes they just get weary and need to be carried for a while. Being held in our our gives them an extra sense of security and safety. It can also help them through the times they just can't handle on their own.

I am grateful for a God who cares enough about us to pick us up and carry us at times. There is comfort, rest, safety, and security in His arms. Sometimes we need to learn to say, just like the grand kids do, 'carry me.'

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