Monday, 27 June 2011

Strength and song and salvation

The LORD is my strength and song, And He has become my salvation. – Psalm 118v14

I don’t feel much like this phrase from Psalm 118 today. That was a bit blunt, wasn’t it? The truth is, however, that I don’t always feel strong. I don’t always feel like singing. I don’t always feel delivered. That is how it has felt the last few days.

Do you see the problem there? There are two words that pop up over and over in that statement – ‘I’ and ‘feel.’ Though God created us to be have feelings and emotions it is not feelings and emotions that should dictate my attitude toward life and circumstances.

When I get like this the problem is not God’s. He has not changed. He is still my strength and my song and my salvation. He is still there. The problem is that I am ignoring the One who is my strength and song and salvation. It happens when I try to base my strength and my song and my salvation on my situations and circumstances.

A friend posted, in jest, on Facebook yesterday that it was time to get off of Facebook and get back to the real world. I made a statement, most in jest, that the ‘real world ain’t so great’ most of the time. That was all in fun, but in reality the ‘real world ain’t so great’ when I look to it for my strength and song and salvation. It falls far short of the Lord who is those things if I will just get out of the way.

The Lord is still my strength. He still is my song. He is my salvation. Help me Lord to remember that today. 

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