Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Trouble comes

I am not at ease, nor am I quiet; I have no rest, for trouble comes." – Job 3v26

In Job chapter 3 we find out that as good and strong and righteous and God fearing as Job was, he was not perfect. The simple truth is that none of us are.

Job struggled with his troubles just like we do. At this point he us so miserable that he wishes he had never been born. He bemoans everything about the day of his birth. ‘Why didn’t God just kill me then?’

I am not at ease. I have no peace. I have no rest. For trouble comes.

Things can be so bad at times that we can feel just like Job. Sometimes it feels like trouble follows trouble that follows trouble that follows trouble. Sometimes the bad news just comes day after day after day.

The hard thing to accept is that trouble does come. It is part of the sin cursed world we live in. People get sick. Loved ones die. Natural disasters happen. Wars and famines come. Bad stuff happens. It just does.

The great truth is that when trouble comes we have a God who is there with us. We don’t have to face it alone.

Let’s not be too harsh on Job as we work through this with him.

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