Saturday, 18 December 2010

Remember me God

and to bringing the wood offering and the firstfruits at appointed times. Remember me, O my God, for good! – Nehemiah 13v31

If Nehemiah was anything he was faithful to his task. When the job was all said and done he remained faithful to his task and brought in his offerings. I like his last recorded words – ‘Remember me, O my God, for good.’

This reminds me of the thief on the cross who also cried out – ‘Remember me when you come into your kingdom.’

One guy did everything right. One guy, from all appearances, did everything wrong. Yet, at the end, they could both call out, ‘Lord remember me’ and the wonderful thing is that God heard both of them who called out to Him in faith.

As believers today we can always rest assured that our God remembers us. He has promised that He will not forsake us. We never have to be afraid that He will forget us. We are forever locked away in His ‘memory.’

For us, ‘remember me God’ is a done deal!

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