Monday, 8 May 2017

Slippery words

He who guards his mouth preserves his life, But he who opens wide his lips shall have destruction. - Proverbs 13:3

My mouth gets me into trouble far too often. It may not be as bad as it used to be, but every so often some slippery word pops out of my mouth.

I still love the old US comedy The Andy Griffith Show. Most folks know Andy Griffith as Matlock, but this was long before Matlock. In an early episode Andy’s girlfriend is talking about running to town council. Now, that was unheard of in the early 60s, especially in the Deep South.

While out for a picnic Andy and Ellie are talking about the idea. Andy mentions that it couldn’t be true because that is just a silly idea. Ellie gets in a huff and storms off. As Andy is following he apologises and says that ‘silly’ is just one of those slippery words – but then he says it again.

My problem is that I have to fight those slippery words all the time. Things pop out of my mouth and then I regret saying them. But once they are out, no matter how much I apologise, I can’t take them back and they can’t be forgotten.

I need help with those slippery words – so I must ‘set a guard’ on my lips. James reminds us how difficult it is. He even says that ‘no man can control it.’ I must set that guard to stop those slippery words, but I must have the help of the Holy Spirit. That means that I must be sensitive to His leadership and willing to shut my mouth when He guides my words.

Lord, help me to keep hold on those slippery words. In the show at one point Andy actually puts his hand over his mouth. If that’s what it takes, help me Lord ot put my hand over my mouth. 

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