Thursday, 6 October 2011

Tough friendship

Faithful are the wounds of a friend, But the kisses of an enemy are deceitful. – Proverbs 27v6

Good times with good friends are wonderful. We all have fond memories of special times with friends. We have gone places and done thing that were so much fun they still bring a smile to our face. We share the good times and rejoice and we share the bad times and shed tears together. Chances are that folks reading this can remember special friends with whom we have shared the ups and downs and good times and bad.

But true, real, genuine friendship has another side. Sometimes true friendship requires that we have to inflict a little pain. When a friend is erring or slipping up or doing things wrong somebody has to step in. It is never easy to be the one to do it because there is always the chance that saying something that hurts might threaten the friendship. We never like to do it because it is going to rock the boat and change the things from the way they are.

But the wounds of a friend are faithful wounds. They are like the injections from a doctor or a medical procedure to repair an injury or cure an illness. They may hurt for a while but they are for the ultimate good. I doubt that very many doctors or nurses actually like to inflict even momentary pain, but it has to be done.

When a friend needs a reminder or a correction or even an admonishment it is best if it comes from someone who loves them instead of someone else. It is better to be ‘wounded’ by a friend than ‘kissed’ by an enemy.

It is scary. Friends don’t always understand. They don’t always respond properly, but friends are worth the effort. And true friendship will eventually endure. 


Diva of Death said...

Roger, I'm dealing with this now with two people who are very precious and dear to me. I am not in the middle - I love them both.

Please lift them both up in prayer along with me. thank you for this blog, dear friend. You are truly helping to break down the word into the words that many who couldn't understand it before can now.

Your church is blessed to have such a Godly leader. He is truly with you!

Roger Parrow said...

Thanks for those kind words Patti. I hope these are doctrinally sound and I think there are. But, as reflections, they are things that I have reflected on and I hope they give folks something to think about :-)